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Tyson Rhame has been flying since 1984.  He originally started flying and teaching flying in glider aircraft at the United States Air Force Academy.  Following the Air Force Academy, Ty attended Air Force Undergraduate Pilot Training(UPT) at Reese AFB in Lubbock, Texas where he flew T-37 and T-38 aircraft.  Upon graduating from UPT, Ty was immediately back as a First Assignment Instructor Pilot (FAIP) and taught new air force pilots until 1994.  Following his FAIP assignment, Ty was assigned to the C-130 aircraft and flew on active duty and in the Georgia Air National Guard until 2005.  Ty transitioned to the Air Force Reserves in 2005 and eventually retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in 2014 with over 30 years of military service.   In addition to flying thousands of hours all over the world, Ty flew over 200 combat missions and combat support missions while in the Air Force totaling over 230 hours of combat time.  Ty Rhame was awarded numerous Air Medals, Aerial Achievement Medals, Commendation Medals, and 3 Meritorious Service Medals for his service in the United States Air Force.  Ty was hired by a major airline in 1999 and flew large commercial jets until he took an early retirement in late 2015.  Ty now flies privately and enjoys sharing his flying experiences through his videos.  Ty’s primary aircraft for enjoyment is a 2 seat Extra 330LT in which he often takes passengers flying.  “I love nothing more than sharing with others the thrill and freedom I feel every time I fly—Ty Rhame” If you are lucky, you may see Ty’s plane at your local airfield when he is looking for someone to fill his front seat.

Tyson Rhame

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About Ty Rhame:

Entrepreneur, philanthropist, motivator, husband, and father Tyson Rhame is an active duty United States Air Force Reserves Lieutenant Colonel who has used his Air Force Academy education, military training, and astute business knowledge to create a wealth of success for himself. Ty Rhame FacebookTy Rhame TwitterTy Rhame YouTubeTyson Rhame TumblrTyson Rhame Blogger, and tyrhame.wordpress.com can all be used to view informational material and presentations directly from Tyson Rhame to assist entrepreneurs and cadets in their journeys to success as well as links to his business related philanthropy endeavors.

About Tyson A. Rhame

One of Atlanta’s most well-known and valued servicemen, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists is a man by the name of Ty Rhame. Tyson A. Rhame is a United States Air Force Reserves Lieutenant Colonel who has used his educational foundation, military training, and astute business knowledge to not only create a wealth of success for himself but to also educate and inspire others to do the same.

Ty Rhame received his education at the United States Air Force Academy in 1988 and has since become a highly decorated and influential asset to the Air Force. After being accepted as a member of the Air Force Academy Endowment Board of Directors, he has illustrated his passion for creating great leaders by assisting congressmen in the selection process of cadets entering into the Air Force Academy. Enlisted cadets in the Air Force Academy can look forward to Ty Rhame playing a role in advising and encouraging others to make the most of their Air Force experience and using their personal talents as well as their Air Force values and training to become great leaders.

Tyson Rhame

In addition to Ty Rhame’s military education and background he also earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science. However, he has maintained his Air Force aviation experience by using his pilot skills as a part-time pilot for a major U.S. carrier for over 15 years now. Ty Rhame also enjoys aerobatic aviation in his free time as well as boating and traveling on his off days from inspiring others and enhancing businesses with his expertise advice.

Ty Rhame has an impressive and extensive business portfolio and is either owner or partner in several very lucrative business endeavors. Tyson Rhame’s investments and business ventures are very versatile. His real estate investment company Trinvest, LLC, is known in Atlanta, GA, for its commercial and residential properties. Also, Tyson Rhame offers his expert advice for strategic planning for other businesses.

Another successful business associated with Rhame’s influence and affiliation is the Recleim Group. The Recleim Group is an appliance de-manufacturing company that sets itself apart from the competition by utilizing state-of-the-art resource recovery technology that far exceeds the Environmental Protection Agency’s standards. His other business endeavor that has given him recognition for his extensive business knowledge and efforts is SterlingFunder.com. SterlingFunder.com is an amazing resource for entrepreneurs because the goal is to connect entrepreneurs who need capital with investors who are willing to put up their own capital for equity in the company, but who also offer expert advice and planning for continued success.

Jbrem Hat

Tyson Rhame also has an online art brokerage called the Online Art Group, a creative idea with the company uServia, who specializes in connecting homeowners to service professionals who can assist with general home maintenance issues. In addition to these, Ty Rhame is also partial owner of a practical and unique hat company by the name of JBREM. JBREM manufactures hat to cater to consumers such as truck drivers and athletes who wear baseball caps and sun glasses, and often place their sun glasses on their head when not in use. The JBREM hats actually have side pockets tailored to hold sun glasses in place while consumer moves about.

Although this is an impressive list of businesses and investments, Ty Rhame has an even more extensive business portfolio with other investments in the automobile industry, aviation, and personal security, crowd financing, apparel and yacht industries.

Tyson Rhame’s business background, entrepreneurship, and strategic planning advice pales in comparison to his philanthropy and community involvement. The core of Ty Rhame’s philanthropy stems from The Rhame Family Foundation. Based in Atlanta, the Rhame Family Foundation is dedicated to assisting students and schools in enhancing the educational experience for our up and coming leaders. Most recently, the Rhame Family Foundation has donated computers and sports equipment, such as wrestling mats and tennis racquets to K-12 schools in Atlanta in attempt to enhance the overall learning experience and aid in the reward of extracurricular activities to students.

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Tyson Rhame is a strong advocate of a healthy environment and uses his passion for the world around him to invest in projects that will make a difference in our environment. Ty Rhame has donated over 1,000 acres of land totally over $20 million dollars to the state of Georgia, and also South Carolina and Tennessee for conservation purposes. The majority of the donations made by Ty Rhame were in Union City, GA and Graniteville, SC. The plan of the conservation project is to voluntarily restrict landowners’ rights to build, mine, or remove trees in the areas mentioned. Last but certainly not least, Tyson Rhame dedicates much of his time and money to charitable causes.

Ty Rhame has several business related philanthropy projects that aid in the betterment of many different groups of people. Tyson Rhame has donated over $40,000 to the Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta to assist in research studies and other needs and has made substantial contributions to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, Save the Children and others. Rhame is also involved in community organizations such as Meals on Wheels and military affiliated projects such as Hire Heros and the Wounded Warriors Project, all of which cater to our recently discharged servicemen and women who need assistance once the military is no longer an option.

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Tyson Rhame has created a platform for himself via social media and internet connections to spread his knowledge to the world and assist others in becoming the best leaders they can be. On Ty Rhame Facebook a lot of the resources, links, verbiage, and videos that he has used to make presentations are readily available to those who need it. Also, Ty Rhame Twitter, and Ty Rhame Blogspot display informational posts and information needed to become a successful businessman and entrepreneur.

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